When in Hong Kong:  Ocean Park or Disneyland?

When in Hong Kong: Ocean Park or Disneyland?

Ocean Park and Disneyland are both theme and amusement parks and are two of the most famous vacation spots in Hong Kong.  These two places are always on the list of every traveler going to Hong Kong and going to either of the place needs at least one whole day to fully explore and enjoy it.  They are both leisure parks but each one of them offers distinct value of entertainment.  It is great if you have ample time to visit both parks, but what if your time is very limited and would only have to choose one.  Which one would you choose?

Okay, the battle between Ocean Park and Disneyland is nowhere from serious.  Neither it is a Pepsi vs Coca-Cola nor it is a DC vs Marvel kind of thing.  When you are face with a scenario on choosing either one, it is not going to be a tough decision, you just have to know which one suits your personality and which better aligns with your preference.  Ocean Park has monopolized and had been the center of attention of all the people going to Hong Kong from its inception up until 2005 when Disneyland had finally opened.  Since then, the two had battled for the most number of visitors annually and continuously battling to provide better entertainment and attractions for their ever growing guests and visitors.

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For the sake of conversation, is one really better than the other?  Let battle them out today, shall we?

Ocean Park v Disneyland


Hong Kong Disneyland boasts its magnificent parks that would transport kids and adults alike to a fantasy world they only dreamt of going.  Visitors are in for an adventure as they traverse different Disneyland parks such as:  Adventureland, Fantasy Land, Grizzly Gulch, Main Street, USA, Mystic Point, Tomorrow Land and Toy Story Land.  Each park features rides and attractions unlike any other.  On the other hand, Ocean Park features exhilarating rides, magnificent theatres, cable car ride, marine mammal park and gigantic aquarium.

Ocean Park
Ocean Park Cable Car and Terrace Cafe
The entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland
The entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland
The Old Hong Kong area in Ocean Park
The Old Hong Kong area in Ocean Park
The fountain just right outside the main entrance of the Disneyland
The fountain just right outside the main entrance of the Disneyland
Mickey Mouse welcomes you to Disneyland, Hong Kong
Mickey Mouse welcomes you to Disneyland, Hong Kong

Who wins?  TIE, both are definitely pleasing to the eyes.


Ocean Park has a total of 21 thrilling rides that are suitable from young people to adult.  The rides in Ocean Park vary from child-friendly ride such as:  Merry-go-Round, Mine Train, Sea-Life Carousel, The Rapids, etc. to extreme-vomit-inducing rides such as The Flash, The Abyss, The Dragon, Hair Raiser, etc.  Meanwhile, Disneyland offers purely child-friendly rides that the kids will surely enjoy such as:  Cinderella Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, etc.

One of the not so extreme rides in Ocean Park
One of the not so extreme rides in Ocean Park

Who wins?  By a knockout, Ocean Park!

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Ocean Park is famous for its dolphin show happening at the Ocean Theatre.  This 60-min show features an incredible, fun-filled show of dolphins trained to entertain everyone and the show guarantees an enjoyable experience for the whole family.  The Park has other shows happening in Amazing Bird Theatre, Whiskers Theatre, and of course, the Symbio!  In contrast, Disneyland features indoor entertainment shows and extravaganza that is comparable to stage shows, like the Lion King show.  One shouldn’t also miss the “Flights of Fantasy Parade” to see all the Disney characters in person and of course, the grandest of all, the “Disney in the Stars” fireworks capping the night.

Disneyland Hong Kong
The Lion King Show
Disneyland, Hong Kong
The Flights of Fantasy Parade in Disneyland
The Dolphin Show is one of the highlights of Ocean Park tour
The Dolphin Show is one of the highlights of Ocean Park tour

Who wins? I have to give this one to Disneyland.


For this one, we have to look at not only the size of the park but also how the site is manageable for guests.  Disneyland has the Hong Kong Disneyland train that would take you from the Main Street Station to Fantasyland Station, while, Ocean Park has its own cable car that in itself is already an attraction.  For those who do not want to take the cable car they could take the underwater train instead.  Both are big in size and whether you go to Ocean Park or Disneyland, expect a lot of walking.

Who wins? Ocean Park.


Ocean Park:  Adult – HKD385 and Child (3-11) – HKD193

Disneyland:  Adult – HKD539 and Child (3-11) – HKD385

Who wins? Ocean Park.


Disneyland has a lot of themed restaurants to choose from, while Ocean Park has the best Grilled Korean Squid.  There is really not much of food choices in Ocean Park and you have to content yourselves with hotdogs, sandwiches and some snacks.  Disneyland restos are quite expensive though.

Ocean Park

Who wins? Though it’s quite expensive, Disneyland has this round!


Coming from Central, Disneyland can be reached via MTR to Sunny Bay then taking the Disneyland MTR express, it will take approximately 20mins, meanwhile it will take you up to 30 minutes to reach Ocean Park.  Ocean Park can be reached by Ocean Park shuttle service from Admiralty MTR station. UPDATE:  There is now a direct MTR to Ocean Park from MTR Admiralty Station.

Ocean Park

Hong Kong Disneyland


There is really no winner here, as both of these leisure parks are worthy of your visit.  That would only comes down to who you are with.  If you are with your kids or family, then Disneyland is the place to go, but if you are with your friends who dare to experience exhilarating rides then that’s no brainer, you have to choose Ocean Park.  The most important thing is you enjoy and you make the most out of it.


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