The Walking Dead: Most Memorable Character Deaths

February 14 is just around the corner and almost everyone is busy preparing for Valentine’s day!  Where should we go for dinner?  Should we watch a movie?  What gift should I give?  These are just some of the questions they all have in mind.  But for me?  Yes, I am excited and couldn’t wait long enough for Feb. 14 to arrive but for an entirely different reason.  Feb. 14 is when The Walking Dead season 6 mid-season premieres!  (Hope my wife doesn’t kill me for saying this!)  🙂  Haha.  Same with everyone who’s hooked and loved the series, this is kind of a big deal!  


From this point forward there will be spoilers, so if you were not caught up with the series, back away for I warn you, you’ll be spoiled!

The mid-season premiere will pick up from where it’s left off.  Rick’s group and other inhabitants of Alexandria are faced with a very inescapable situation being surrounded by walkers.  The group are seperated as each group finds a way to survive this catastrophic event, while those who are on the outside tried to figure out a way to help their family being trapped inside.  You know that in The Walking Dead world nobody is safe.  You can’t afford to get too attached to any characters because in just a blink of an eye, they can be dead.  With the series six seasons, we have seen a lot of deaths, our favorite character deaths, that frustrated us, surprised us, infuriated us, and annoyed us.  There are instances that we wished the show adieu, but we keep coming back.

And with the show being back on air in just two days and with walkers surrounding our beloved characters plus the arrival of the infamous villain Negan and the uncertainty of the status quo, one can expect that on the upcoming episodes, one or more of our favorite TWD characters will soon find its inevitable demise.  That’s just how the world of TWD works.  But, before that happens, let us look back at the most memorable TWD characters death!


2.  DALE


4.  BETH


I know she is not loved by many TWD viewers but I thought her death was pretty emotional and heart breaking!  Poor Carl, he had to do it!


Okay, we all know he didn’t die, but do not tell me you didn’t punch your tv screen or shouted when you watched this, we all thought it was over for him!


There you have it, the most memorable The Walking Dead characters death. Did I miss anyone?  What is your most unforgettable one?  Share it on the comments!
Bonus Clip

AMC has released the first four minutes of the mid-season premiere and it was nail-biting and you can watch it right here below!

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  1. Christine Buras

    For me, the hardest one to deal with was Herschel. The most shocking one to me was Beth. I honestly did not see that coming, and in the Talking Dead episode after the episode you could tell that Emily Kinney still was shocked that her character died too. I am looking forward in a really terrible way to Negan coming. Mainly because I love Jeffery Dean Morgan and I really think he is going to do this role justice. I’m just not looking forward to everything else that comes with him.

    1. Post

      I didn’t see Beth’s death coming too. Super pumped for Negan’s arrival and no doubt JDM will do great! Only a few hours before the mid-season premiere, yey!

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