Thailand-Cambodia Tour Itinerary

Thailand-Cambodia Tour Itinerary

Thailand and Cambodia are neighboring countries which share some similarities and major differences.  Both have diverse cultures but one is more open and liberated while the other one is a little bit traditional.  I looked forward to going to these two countries for different reasons:  Thailand, for its authentic dishes, one of my favorite cuisines in the world and Cambodia, for one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world, the Angkor Wat.


Thailand-Cambodia Tour Itinerary


During this trip, we decided to go straight from Macau to Bangkok, Thailand and then head to Siem Reap, Cambodia by land (you guessed it right, we love long travel) and back to Bangkok.  As a self-confessed meticulous traveler, I always prepare an itinerary wherever I go.  It may be fun to just go where your journey takes you, but I have to admit that I hate taking chances of being lost and waste time.  But I am also aware that having an itinerary is only a guide and sometimes everything doesn’t always go as plan.

It is not always easy to make an itinerary; you have to do research about the famous sites on your destination, you have to consider the number of days, how will you be able to squeeze all your planned visits, how to go to and from one place to another, and which accommodation is the most accessible.  All these things are to be considered to make sure that you only have to worry about how to enjoy your stay and not to be stressed about unforeseen circumstances.  Though, I should mention that it doesn’t have to be extensive, as long you have it all planned out, then rest assure that everything will be okay.

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For this travel, we flew straight to Bangkok, stayed there for a night, then head to Siem Reap the following morning, stayed for two nights then head back to Bangkok before flying back to Macau after two more days.  Here is the sample itinerary that we used for this travel and some personal notes on what we planned against to what actually took place.


First Day:


               10:50       Macau International Airport            to Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok)

12:50       Arrival at Don Mueang (DMK) International Airport

Thailand-Cambodia Itinerary

*Macau is one hour ahead of Thailand

       13:30       Take a taxi from the airport to Mo Chit Bus Station (not the BTS Station) to pick up the bus ticket to Cambodia.  Mo Chit (Northern) Bus Terminal (The Transport Co. Ltd.) is at booth #22, ground floor, near 7-11.  Pick up the ticket then find a taxi, off to the hotel.

Thailand-Cambodia Itinerary

*This detour was completely unnecessary, the tickets that we booked online were already the ticket we need to show upon getting on the bus to Cambodia.  We could have gone straight to the hotel.

14:30       Bandara Suites Silom, Hotel Check-in.

                Take the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) to Sala Daeng or take an MRT to MTR Silom Station and walk to Bandara Suites Silom at 75/1 Saladaeng Road, Bangrak, Silom

*We stayed at a nice but not luxurious hotel.  It is a suite and the hotel room is quite big.

15:30       Option 1:  Go to Wat Arun

Opening Hours:  Daily from 8am to 530pm
Admission Fee:  Free of charge for Thais and 50 baht for foreigners
How to Get There:  SkyTrain to S6 Saphan Taksin Station (Silom Line) and proceed to Exit 2 then take a Chao Phraya Express Boat to Tien Pier (N8) and take a cross-river ferry to Wat Arun.

Wat Arun
Wat Arun

                Option 2:  Go To Asiatique and have dinner there.

Opening Hours:  Daily from 5pm to 12mn
How to Get There:  Alight at SkyTrain at Saphan Taksin Station (S6) and proceed to Exit No.2, then board Shuttle Boat of ASIATIQUE.

*We ended up visiting only Wat Arun, excitedly tried the famous Pad Thai and headed back to hotel where we had our dinner at one of the restaurants at the nearest Mall and pigged out our favorite Thai dishes like there was no tomorrow.

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Day Two:


06:00       Wake up Call          

07:00       Take a taxi to Mo Chit (Northern) Bus Terminal, off to Siem Reap

08:00       Departure from Bangkok, Thailand.

*We were lucky, for the hotel staff fetched a taxi for us which we didn’t have to haggle with.  The direct trip to Cambodia leaves twice a day, 8am and 9am.

17:00       Expected time of Arrival at SiemReap Cambodia.  Will be dropped off at Nattakan Cambodia Co. Ltd., which is at 22 Sivatha Road.  From there, buy the return trip ticket.  And take a tuk-tuk to the hotel.

The border to Kingdom of Cambodia
The border to Kingdom of Cambodia

*USD is widely accepted in Cambodia, $27USD per person for one return ticket.  The tuk-tuk is only for $1-3. 

18:00       Hotel Check-in

                Boutique Cambo Hotel:  Road No.6, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap Central Area, Siem Reap, Cambodia

19:00       Pub Street or Old Market Street

Thailand-Cambodia Itinerary

The Pub Street where the tourists go to have a great time. Nice place!
The Pub Street where the tourists go to have a great time. Nice place!

*Khmer cuisine was also very delicious and the pub street was so alive and you get to see the most diverse of tourists ever.  We had a few drinks, relaxed for a bit and tried their foot spa service, tempted to try exquisite food and of course, we bought souvenirs before we headed back to the hotel to rest for the following day great adventure.


Day Three:


07:30       Wake up Call.

                08:15       Breakfast

                10:00       Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

Thailand-Cambodia Itinerary

17:00       Sunset at Bakheng Mountain.

               19:00       Head back to hotel for dinner.

*We didn’t get to see the sunset, nor the sunrise the following day, and we deeply regretted it.  Angkor Wat was amazing and couldn’t wait to be back.  A comprehensive details on our trip to Angwor Wat can be found here:  Angkor Wat: Like No Other Place on Earth.

I can post lots of pictures of Angkor, but, still won't be enough to show its beauty.
I can post lots of pictures of Angkor, but, still won’t be enough to show its beauty.

Day Four:


 07:00       Wake up Call.

                07:45       Breakfast

                08:30       Off to the Bus Terminal

                09:00       Departure from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

                17:00       Expected time of arrival at Bangkok.

                                Take a taxi to our hotel

Thailand-Cambodia Itinerary

                18:00       Hotel Check-in

Mandarin Hotel Managed by Centre Point  at 662 RamaIV Road, Silom

19:00      MBK 

    Take the SkyTrain to W1 National Stadium Station (Silom Line)   and proceed to Exit 4 and head straight to Tokyu Department Store where you cna access the MBK shopping center.

                                Terminal 21

Alight the SkyTrain at Asok Station (E4) and take Exit No.1 or 3, then use Skybridge to Terminal 21


SkyTrain to Siam Station and then got o exit 1 for direct link to Siam Discovery and Siam Center and take exit 3 for direct link to Siam Paragon and exit 5 for direct link to Siam Ocean World or cinema complex

*We checked in at a different hotel this time, much more elegant hotel but smaller in size.  Due to exhaustion, upon arrival at the hotel, we took a break and rested for a while and just headed to the nearest mall to dine.


Day Five:


08:00       Wake up Call

                08:30       Breakfast

                10:00       Grand Palace

Opening Hours:  Daily from 8am to 330pm
Admission Fee:  Free of charge for Thais and 500 baht for foreigners
How to Get There:  From Silom Line, take the train and get off at Saphan Taksin Station and go out through Exit No. 2.  Then, take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Ta Chang Pier (No.9).

The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace

                12:00       Wat Pho

Opening Hours:  Daily from 8am to 6pm
Admission Fee:  Free of charge for Thais and 100 baht for foreigners
How to Get There:  Take the SkyTrain to Saphan Taksin Station S6.  Proceed to Exit 2 and go to Chao Phraya River Express Boat Pier.  Take boat heading to Tien Pier (N.8) and walk straight to WAT PHO

                14:00       Jim Thompson’s House

Opening Hours:  Daily from 9am to 5pm
Admission Fee:  100 baht for Thais and foreigners, 50 baht for students
How to Get There:  Take the SkyTrain to (W1) National Stadium Station (Silom Line)and go to Exit 1 and walk straight ahead to the end of Soi Kasemsan 2.  Jim Thompson’s house is on left side.

                15:00       Chatuchak Park

Opening Hours:  Daily from 430am to 9pm aand Saturday – Sunday from 7am to 4pm
How to Get There:  Train to Mo Chit Station (N8) and leave via exit No.1 or 3.

                16:00       Head Back to Hotel

                18:00       Chao Praya River Dinner Cruise

Chao Praya River
Chao Praya River

*It was scorching hot in Bangkok when we went there, like it went up to 38° and it was very difficult.  We ended up only going to two places on the above mentioned places and decided to just visit these remaining places on our next visit to the city.  Also, please be very careful for some tuk-tuk drivers who will take advantage and dupe you about prices.

Day Six:


  07:00       Wake up Call and Breakfast

                0900        Check-out and Store Luggage

                09:30       Taling Chan Floating Market

Opening Hours:  Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm
How to Get There:  Get on the train (Silom Line) and alight at Saphan Taksin Station, then exit via Exit No. 2.  Take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Phra Pinklao Bridge Pier and take a bus (79, 507, 509, and 511).

                14:00       Airport

                18:10       Flight back to Macau.

*It didn’t go perfectly according to plan but we sure did have a great time and we look forward to coming back.

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Carlo has started working in Macau in 2007 and two years after, he met his destined-to-be wife, Lorna and they started exploring the world. Together.


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