Homecoming Videos: I Dare You Not to Cry Watching These

Being away from your family is probably one of the hardest parts of living and the most heart breaking.  As much as you want to stay with them all the time, some circumstances make parting inevitable.  You allow parting to happen because sometimes, you know that in life, you have to make sacrifices no matter how hard it is, thinking that it is for the betterment of their future.  All those sleepless nights, homesickness, and the agony of waiting will only be gone when you are finally with them.  You long for that moment to happen real soon…

Being away from your family is torture enough, not only to your soul but to your mind as well, but what if, you will be away from them without the guarantee that you’re gonna see them again?  Is there anything more cruel than that?  Probably not.  Just like the soldiers being deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., during the height of war against terrorism.  Watching movies like American Sniper can make you aware of the hardships of these brave heroes, risking all their lives for the sake of peace not only for their own families but for other families as well.  I could hardly imagine what these families are going through knowing the peril of being surrounded by enemies and having danger synonymous to being alive.

I’ve come across these videos of homecoming soldiers that even if I can’t relate with them for the reason that none of my family members ever been deployed to a war stricken country, has still managed to summon all onion ninjas around.  I dare you all to watch this collection of videos without shedding a tear, I am sure you can’t, that’s next to impossible.

 1.  Two sisters get the surprise of their lives when they’re finally reunited with their dad.  Seeing these girls genuine surprise and reaction makes you wanna hug them.


2.  A seven-year-old girl heard the greatest news on loudspeaker and her face says it all.


3.  No one can act tough when you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the reunion with your dad.


4.  Father and daughter reunion in a baseball field is the best home run ever.


5.  Son’s priceless reaction upon seeing her Military Mom speaks volume.


6.  Are you bawling your eyes out, yet?  If not yet, then this last video surely will!


Bonus video for Filipinos working abroad, a touching commercial featuring the lives of OFWs and their reunion with their loved ones.




10 thoughts on “Homecoming Videos: I Dare You Not to Cry Watching These

  1. These videos you have posted serve to remind us that the most important things in life center around family. When you get to be as old as I have become “Family” is mostly scattered and gone and the memories of the family that was before become even more precious sometimes than life itself. We need to pay proper attention to the really important things in life and this post of yours points that our most dramatically. Good job!

    1. Thank you. one of my greatest fears is to grow old with my family away from me. I don’t think I could take it. You take care!

      1. I understand your feelings but since I have managed to become 78-years-old now and most of my immediate family has dispersed to the 4 winds or dies, I have had to make do with an extended family and sometimes extended families can fill voids and vacuums … and can be very supportive .. very valuable …I love your blog by the way and have added it to my recommended list.

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