10 Best John Grisham Books to Read

10 Best John Grisham Books to Read

I’ve mentioned on my previous post that John Grisham books are my go-to books, books I would simply pick up from the bookstore shelf without even reading the synopsis because I am sure I’ll like it.  You see, back in college, my first course was Civil Engineering and after a year I shifted to Political Science.  I now have a vague recollection whether I started liking Grisham’s books after I shifted to Political Science or I shifted to Political Science because of my fondness with his books, whatever the case, it no longer matter.

John Grisham has already published a total of 35 books; 1 non-fiction, 1 a collection of short stories, 5 Theodore Boone:  The Kid Lawyer book series, 5 sports and comedy fictions and 23 legal thrillers, his genre.  His writing career has started with the publication of his first book, A Time to Kill on 1989 and he catapulted to stardom with the massive success of his sophomore book, the Firm.  With over 250 million books sold, he was dubbed as America’s favorite storyteller.

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If you are looking for a book to read while on the airport waiting to board, or while on the bus/train traveling or you simply just want a book to read, John Grisham books are highly recommended.  So today, I give to you 10 of the best John Grisham books to read and rest assured that once you start reading, you wouldn’t be able to put it down.

  1.     The Firm:  Mitch Mc Deere graduated from Harvard Law school with flying color and has the brightest future ahead of him.  He was blinded by the offer made by Bendini, Lambert and Locke law firm and signed with them without knowing that there would be repercussions.  The firm is not what it seems to appear and the FBI has grown suspicious.  Mitch, after being confronted by the FBI is now in the middle of a deadly dilemma.  Protect the company his indebted to or cooperate with the cops who wouldn’t take “no” as an answer?  The book is very engaging and will keep you awake until the wee hours because you cannot put it down.

The Firm

  2.     The Partner:  A junior partner in a law firm in Biloxi, Mississippi named Patrick Lanigan has faked his own death after he learned of a scheme to defraud the US government by a shipbuilding magnate.  After his disappearance, a large sum of money vanishes from the law firm’s off-shore bank account.  Without him knowing, after he assumed a new identity, he was being tracked down and after four long years, his location has been brilliantly known.  What follows is an elaborate drama of a man fighting for his own life against the big fishes and proving himself innocent.

The Partner

  3.    A Time to Kill:  This is Grisham’s first ever novel.  In a fictional town of Clanton, Mississippi, a 10-year old African-American girl was savagely raped by two White Americans.  Her father wanted to put the law into his own hands and decided to kill both men.  After he killed the men who raped his daughter, he asked help from a white attorney named, Jake Brigance.  There started a legal suspense thriller that would bring you at the edge of your seat as the lawyer fights for the freedom of his client and of his own safety.

A Time to Kill

  4.     The Rainmaker:  Grisham’s sixth book brings us back to courtroom with a newly Law exam passer, Rudy Baylor, who stumbled on to a case that would pit him against the best defense attorneys of one of the biggest insurance companies in America.  Rudy Baylor was hired by Dot and Buddy Black whose son is battling with leukemia.  The insurance company denied to cover all the expanses and what Rudy discovered was a multi-million dollar insurance scam.  With him having no experience in legal battle, will he be able to win against some of the most powerful and experienced defense attorneys?  That will all depend on himself.

The Rainmaker

  5.     The Street Lawyer:  After an encounter with a homeless man, Michael Brock, a promising young attorney that is guaranteed with a bright future, has stumbled on a very dark secret involving the firm his currently working at.  He then decided to resign and surrender a bright future in exchange of a chance to fight to what is right even if that means abandoning all the luxury he used to have and going against the firm he used to served.  This is a classic Grisham novel, spellbinding, gripping and thrilling up to the last page.

The Street Lawyer


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  6.     The Runaway Jury:  A widow named Celeste Wood enlists a team of tort lawyers to defend her against a big tobacco company after her husband has died of lung cancer.  The trial is to be held at Biloxi, Mississippi and the jury has already been selected. The jury has been acting differently and everyone is sure that they are being manipulated.  But the question is who is beyond the manipulation, is it the big tobacco company, the defendant, or is it on the team of the plaintiff or is it one of them?

The Runaway Jury

  7.     Ford Country: Stories:  This is Grisham’s only collection of short stories or novellas. As the title suggest, all stories take place at Ford County, Mississippi.  The book will introduce memorable characters with different backgrounds, from varied social classes and diverse situations that the readers will never forget.

Ford County

  8.     The Brethren:  Trumble, a fictional federal minimum prison in Florida is home for small time and harmless criminals.  Three of the inmates at the prison are former judges who call themselves “The Brethren.”  The Brethren meet every day at the prison library and there they’ve developed a scam targeting wealthy men.  On a one routinely day they unknowingly victimized a very powerful personality with powerful friends.  With that, “The Brethren’s” quite day is finally over.

The Brethren

  9.     The Last Juror:  William Traynor has found himself the owner of the then-just bankrupt newspaper, The Ford County Times, for the amount of $50000.  The newspaper has proven to be profitable after the newspaper covered the murder of a young mother by a member of the infamous Padgitt family.  The culprit, Danny Padgitt was proven guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.  But before the verdict comes, Danny has sworn and threatened that he will kill every juror who will convict him.  He was sent to prison but after nine years, he was paroled.  Days after he was freed, jurors begun to die.  This is probably one of the best legal suspense thriller of all time that will definitely give you sleepless nights because you won’t stop reading.

The Last Juror

  10.     The Testament:  Troy Phelan, a wheelchair bound billionaire wanted to end his life.  He has six children from three marriages who are defined by their greediness and insensitivity and one illegitimate daughter who chose to live a noble life as a missionary and currently residing at an Indigenous Indian tribe in Brazil.  To everybody’s surprise and annoyance, all his wealth will be left to his illegitimate daughter.   This novel is a digression to Grisham’s usual suspense thriller novel, for the story focuses on human behavior.  The book is moving and enthralling.  A must read.

The Testament

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