Direct Ferry Route from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

Direct Ferry Route from Macau to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

Macau is a tiny place, thus, the small airport. Flights flying to and from Macau are very limited that some tourists fly to and depart from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).  If Macau is only a side trip from your Hong Kong tour, it could be a waste of your precious time to travel back to Hong Kong City before heading to HKIA, not to mention the additional expenses you will have to incur in traveling to the city and then to the airport.  You might want to explore Macau a little bit more and this will be possible and be made easy by taking the ferry from Macau directly to Hong Kong International Airport.

The hassle of going back to Hong Kong city, facing horde of tourists and taking MTR will be eliminated by taking this direct route as it proves very convenient and quick for tourists.  The immigration formalities will be done in Macau and for some airlines, they provide luggage check-in privileges from the ferry terminal in Macau and collection will be done on the destination.  This might be the best option for travelers who will depart from Hong Kong and would like to visit the magnificent Macau, but there are some few reminders and things everyone should know via FAQs below, before hopping on that ferry.

1.  Who can take the direct ferry route to HKIA?

Only those who have flights via participating airlines from HKIA.  For people who are staying near HKIA but not departing, for people only accompanying someone and for people picking up someone, you may not take this ferry.  You need to take the ferry going to either Hong Kong Sheungwan or Kowloon.  Go to this article:  Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong

 2.  What are the participating airlines for this direct ferry route to SkyPier?

81 airlines are now participating in this direct ferry route.  Here is the link of all 81 airlines:  Participating Airlines

3.  Can I check-in my luggage at the ferry terminal straight to my destination?

Not all airlines on the participating airlines list can check in the luggage at ferry terminals in Macau.  Here is the list:  Baggage through service.  For airlines not part of the list, you can still check in your luggage at the ferry terminal, however, you must collect it upon arrival at HKIA and check-in the luggage at your airline check-in counter.

 4.  Which ferry schedule should I take for me not to miss my flight?

You must be at the airport 90minutes to 2 hours before your flight departure, the ferry from Macau to HKIA takes 65-70 minutes and the check-in counter at the ferry terminal is one hour before, therefore you must take the ferry 3 hours before your flight but you must be at the ferry terminal in Macau at least four hours before.  e.g.  your flight is 9pm, you must take the ferry not later than 0555pm and you must be at the ferry terminal before 0455pm.

5.  Which ferry terminal in Macau can I go to take the direct ferry route to SkyPier?

Both ferry terminals, the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry terminal and Taipa Ferry Terminals have direct ferry to SkyPier, HKIA.

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6.  What are the ferry schedules?

Taipa Ferry Terminal to HKIA

Taipa Ferry to HKIA
Taipa Ferry to HKIA

Update:  Starting Nov. 15, 2016, there is no Infant fare anymore.  Child fare is from 1-12 years old.  Below 1 year old is free. 



 7.  How much is the ferry price?

See above screenshots.

 8.  What is the process when I arrive at the ferry terminal?

First, you must have your flight ticket, passport and your ferry ticket (can also be purchased from the ferry terminal) ready.  If what you have is e-voucher or e-ticket, approach the counter to have them issue you ferry ticket.  Then, check-in your luggage (see point 3), go through the immigration/custom formalities and then board the ferry to SkyPier.  For some who don’t check in the luggage at the ferry port, proceed to airlines check-in for passengers and baggage at SkyPier.

9.  Do I need to pass the HK immigration upon arrival at HKIA?

No.  Immigration formalities will be done in Macau.

10.  Where will I get my boarding pass?

Depending on the airlines, you can get your boarding pass and check in from the ferry terminal.  Those airlines that have this privilege are on this link.

11.  What if my flight is before early morning?  Like before 10am?

Macau to Hong Kong Airport for an Early Morning Flight

12.  I have a flight from HKIA at midnight and I want to go out and do a sightseeing first in Hong Kong, what should I do?

Since taking this direct ferry brings you inside the restricted area of HKIA, you may not be able to go out.  Take the ferry to the city and to avoid the hassle of carrying your luggage around try the In-town check-in service.  Find more details about in-town check-in service on this link:  Hong Kong In-Town Check-in Service

So, the next time you go to Macau, consider staying here for a couple of nights and not just a side or day trip.  I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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