Kids in the Philippines During Christmas Be Like…

Kids in the Philippines During Christmas Be Like…

It is only 2 days before Christmas and everyone is busy as a bee.  Mothers are busy preparing food for Noche Buena, some are busy doing last-minute shopping, some are busy attending parties and some are preparing to go home to their each and own provinces to spend this yuletide season with the family.  While the rest of the family are busy doing errands, kids are happy doing their own business.

I have fondest memories celebrating Christmas as a kid in the Philippines, celebrating Christmas was for me the happiest day of the year.  Looking back on those times can bring a wide smile on my face thinking how good my childhood was for I was lucky to be able to celebrate it with my family back home.

Kids during Christmas in the Philippines be like…

  1.  The Kid’s New Clothes.  You always ask your parents to buy you new set of clothes, and not just one set, but two and sometimes more.  One, you will wear on Christmas Day, one for the New Year and for some, one for each Christmas party you will have to attend.  Sure, you do not want to be spotted wearing same set of clothes for all these occasions.
  2. All I Need for Christmas is Not Picture Frame.  The Exchange gift.  Christmas parties at school means you’ll get to receive a gift from your anonymous Santa and you are fervently wishing to not receive a classic picture frame.
  3. The Grand Family Reunion.  Everyone is looking forward to this, not only kids but adults as well.  You get to finally meet your relatives, some distant, that you only know through their Facebook accounts.  It is good to finally put a face on that overachiever aunt/uncle or that recluse cousin.
  4. Twerk it Like Crazy.  This is the time of the year when you are willing to actually show to your relatives that you, that shy little boy/girl actually has a talent.  Who would have thought you have hidden talents and know how to twerk like Miley or that you have that swag?  Never mind some relatives telling you that hidden talent of yours should be kept hidden.  Believe in yourself kiddo! 🙂
  5. My Fantastic Godparents and Where to Find Them.  Even before December you are already inventorying and knowing the location of your godparents that you will hunt down on Christmas Day.  You have this little competition with your siblings and cousins on who will get highest amount of dough.  It is very petty but having the most, gives you a little happiness and pride.
  6. Christmas Break.  Admit it, you are looking forward to this!  It is a short break compare to summer break, but it is still two weeks away from school, terror teacher, assignment and exam.
  7. You Know What I Want Santa.  It goes without saying that when I say Santa, I meant our parents.  Every once in a while, as much as possible, on any conversation, we say what we want within earshot of our parents so they may have a hint on what to give us.
  8. I Have Like a Christmas PlaylistWhen I say Christmas playlist, that means all Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas songs.  It has always been a tradition for kids to go house to house and do Christmas Caroling, aside from the penny they’ll receive, it’s the fun that is priceless.
  9. Cheat Day.  With the exception of those rich people who may have these every once in a while, there are some foods that are only being served during Christmas such as Christmas Ham, Ube Halaya and Queso de Bola that make these food heavenly good.
  10. Trip to Jerusalem.  You look forward to Christmas parties also because of parlor games, not only looking forward to play but to win.  This may sounds crazy, but some kids really do plan their strategies for every particular games in advance, that is how competitive these kids are.
  11. Wake Me Up When It’s 12.  Growing up, we were literally waiting for the clock to turn to 12 midnight before we start feasting.  We stayed awake, but felt sleepy, but when it turns 12 everybody was so alive and happy.
  12. I Can Still Grow and Inch, You Know?  On New Year, as soon as the clock ticks and turns 12, every kid I know will jump hoping that they get taller come next year.  You did it, didn’t you?
  13. I am Nice This Year Santa.  You will notice that during this season, tantrums are gone, whiner kids are in a halt, no complaints when parents ask their kids to do something and basically every other kids are all nice and friendly.  If only it is always Christmas, there is going to be peace, well at least in the household.

Oh, what would I not trade to go back in time and once more be a kid!  But I guess, for now I just have to be contented in reminiscing.

For everyone celebrating Christmas,may you all have a merry and blessed Christmas!


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Carlo has started working in Macau in 2007 and two years after, he met his destined-to-be wife, Lorna and they started exploring the world. Together.


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