Top Filipino Christmas Foods

Top Filipino Christmas Foods

Everyone who is working abroad and away from his family may have a hard time feeling the spirit of Christmas.  This is especially true for those who are working on countries that don’t typically celebrate Christmas like China.  Back in the Philippines, you know that it is almost Christmas; when you hear Christmas songs playing on the radio, when you see vendors selling Christmas decors on the street, when your neigbours are starting to decorate their gardens and the facade of their homes with Christmas ornaments and lights, when it’s getting cold, when there are Christmas parties everywhere, when ABS-CBN has released its Christmas station ID or when you see trailers of movies for the annual MMFF, and most importantly, when your parents are already planning the menu of what you’ll have on Noche Buena. 

This year is my 8th year of celebrating Christmas away from home.  I may have gotten used to celebrating Christmas on a foreign country but that doesn’t mean I am forgetting why it is called the happiest season of all.  In a way, I am still lucky to be working in Macau, thanks to Portuguese influence, the city is not lacking when it comes to celebrating this festive season.  There are lights and Christmas decors everywhere, there are Christmas parties everywhere and there are churches keeping this tradition alive.  If I am lucky and I don’t get to work on Christmas day, I look forward to what I’m serving on our noche bueno table.


Top Filipino Christmas Foods


Thinking about my most favorite Christmas dishes makes me not only crave for these but makes me think about my childhood Christmas memories, this season makes me all nostalgic.  Thinking about Christmas has brought me to list down my most favorite Christmas dishes I always wanted to see on our Noche Buena table.

1.  Christmas Ham


2.  Crispy Pata (Deep-fried pig trotters or knuckles)


Crispy Pata


3.  Queso de Bola


4.  Spaghetti



5.  Barbeque (Pork, Hotdog)




6.  Ube Halaya


7.  Suman (Glutinous Rice Cake) 




8.  Sopas (Pasta Soup)




9.  Embutido (Pork Roll)




10. Pansit (Filipino styled fried noodle)



Seeing these foods on our Noche Buena table can somehow makes me feel home.  Home away from home.

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