Travel Tips for Travelers Going to Macau

Travel Tips for Travelers Going to Macau

Macau is a small place but rich in tourist destinations and places of interest.  Over the years, with the help of its booming gambling business, Macau has solidify its place on the map of the best tourist spots.  Macau has not disappoint any travelers as it offers more than what a traveler expects and what everyone asks for. 

For those who are going and have plans on going to Macau, here are some tips to remember to make sure that your stay will be worthwhile.

1.  Take free shuttle buses from big hotels.  Whether you’re going or coming from Macau International Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal, Macau Ferry Terminal, or Border Gate, free shuttle buses are provided by big hotels such as the Venetian Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Wynn Hotel, etc.  It usually runs from 9 to 10am till midnight.

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2.  If you are not staying on any of these big hotels, no need to fret because you too can take the shuttle buses they provide as the buses are for the public. Just head to the nearest hotel that provides the service from your place of stay.

3.  It is not necessary to buy bus card or even to take public buses going to some tourist destinations.  For example:  City of Dreams Hotel has shuttle bus going to Senado Square and to Macau Tower.  Same goes with Galaxy Hotel, it has a shuttle bus going to Senado Square (San Malo) or to Star World if you are heading to Macau Peninsula.  If you are going to Fisherman’s Wharf, you can take the shuttle bus either going to Macau Ferry Terminal or Sands Macau, as it is just across the street from both.

Update:  The drop off point in Senado Square from City of Dreams and Studio CIty has changed to near the Grand Emperor Hotel, while the shuttle from Galaxy Hotel to Senado Square has stopped.

4.  If you are only staying here for like 2 or 3 days and you want to call back home, SIM cards are available from MOP50, you can even apply 3G data plan if you haven’t consume all the credits.

5.  Venetian Hotel is a must see, just prepare yourself to be in the midst of thousand tourists.

gondola ride

6.  If you are on a travel budget, affordable restaurants are located near Senado square or dine at the food courts of some hotels.

7.  Be a member of each casino, apply for a membership card, it’s free and some provides souvenirs, like key chain and some can even give you a lucky credit that can be used to try your luck at slot machines.  You’ll never know if that’s your lucky day.

8.  If you are not a fan of summer season and hate walking under the scorching heat of the sun, November to March are the best months to go here.

9.  May to August are the most humid months. Not to mention that, these months are the typhoon seasons.

10. Some may want to have an organized itinerary by acquiring services of a travel agency, that is perfectly fine. But if you are a budget traveler, this is not necessary not only because it’s not practical but also because Macau is just a small place, all places of interest are very much accessible.  You can even make your own itinerary of the trip.

11.  5 Star Hotels usually have room rate promotions, if you are lucky to avail the promotion you can stay at a 5 star hotel for a price of a 2 or 3 star hotels.  Make it a habit to visit hotels’ websites to check for the best available rates.

Wynn Macau

12.  WeChat and Facebook are powerful tools to be aware of hotel promotions, just follow or be a fan of these hotels.

13.  Going up to the Observation Deck of Macau Tower will cost you MOP135 to have an amazing view of the city, going up to Pehna Hill can give you the same view at no cost.

Chapel of our Lady of Penha

14.  Casinos in Macau provide complimentary water, milk, coffee, juices and sodas. 

15.  Macau has a direct ferry service to Hong Kong International Airport, immigration formalities will all be done in Macau.

16.  The original Lord Stow’s Bakery Shop, the famous egg tart, is located in Coloane.  If you don’t have time to go to Coloane no need to worry because Lord Stow’s has a branch in level 3 Grand Canal Shoppes of the Venetian Hotel. 

17.  Since I’ve mentioned Coloane, Coloane is the least traveled island in Macau among its three islands.  Macau Peninsula and Taipa are the other two. Places of interest in Colane:  Panda Pavilion, Hac Sa Beach, Hac Sa Reservoir Water Park and Fernando’s restaurant (one of the most frequented Portuguese restaurants in Macau.)

18.  Map of Macau is free and available in the airport, ferry terminals and concierge counters of hotels.

19.  You can get discount on your ferry fare to Hong Kong if you follow them on WeChat or if it’s your birthday month and many more ways.  Visit this link for some other promotion.

20.  If there is no other option but to take a taxi, make sure you get one at the official taxi stand, you can be sure they’ll gonna charge you by meter.

21.  Senado square and the Ruins of St. Paul’s can get really crowded on weekends and public holidays.  To better enjoy the place try to go as early as 9am.

Ruins of St. Paul's

22.  Wi-fi is available in almost all hotels, complimentary shuttle buses and even public buses. 

23.  If you like to party and a girl, go to Macau on Wednesdays for it’s Ladies’ Night on most popular bars like Club Cubic and Bellini Lounge, Ladies’ Night means free flow of drinks.  

24.  If you have limited time in Macau, make sure to do the most important things to do to better enjoy the city.

HODW City of Dreams

25.  Respect the old tradition at the same time be amazed by its modernity.

26.  Enjoy.


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