Star Wars:  The Force Awakens New Poster and New Trailer are Here!

Just want to share with you my excitement, I mean the new poster of my most anticipated movie of the year, Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.  Last Sunday night we all feasted on the new poster of the movie that was released worldwide, and if that wasn’t enough to satisfy our Star Wars cravings, they’ve released a new trailer the following night for all of us to goggle on.

 Take a look at the amazing poster below:

Star Wars

Star Wars

Almost all the characters are featured in the poster, including Leia Skywalker played by Carrie Fisher with the prominent exclusion of Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker.  We wonder what could possibly be his role, whether a cameo or a mentor to new young jedi,  in this new movie.  Nevertheless, the poster looks amazing!

And here it is, the new trailer of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, be sure to hold that kleenex near you as you’ll surely drool watching it!

Two more months, just two more months!

“The Force, it’s calling to you…just let it in.”

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