OFW Stories Part II

OFW Stories Part II

On the first part of this article, I’ve given you some narratives of OFWs and their stories.  Like what I’ve previously stated, not all stories have happy endings and I chose to tell those stories which didn’t have, because those were the hard truths of being an OFW.  But then again, presenting to you the unhappy stories did not mean that the life of an OFW was all full of bitterness and misfortunes, because there were also stories of success and happy endings.  So, here’s the second part of the article featuring stories of OFWs you personally do not know but stories you are well familiar of.

OFW Stories


Happy was 23 years old when her mother was diagnosed of breast cancer.  Medicine and chemotherapy were too expensive that she didn’t know how to get the money for the treatment.  They’ve got help from other relatives and some friends but that was simply not enough.  She had two brothers who were both in school and her father was no longer working.  She was working in a call center and she felt that working abroad can help them better.  She was hired as a Front Desk Receptionist in one of the biggest hotels in a country in Middle East and she was glad that she could finally have some for her mother’s treatment.  Five months of living abroad she received a call that her mother had passed away.  The news devastated her, it felt like the end of the world for her.  She was granted permission to go home to attend the funeral, only she would have to buy her own plane ticket.  Neither she had any money nor her friends can help her financially.  She didn’t know who and where to go.  She cried helplessly.


Ian’s parents bickered all the time.  He had enough of it and decided to moved out and worked abroad.  He wanted to work abroad to have peace of mind, his parents were always like that since the time he can remember.  His parents quarrel over some major issues like his mother’s gambling addiction and his father’s alcohol issues and over silly things as well.  The house was in total chaos almost every day.  He thought moving out of the country was the best solution to escape from his kind of life, but he was wrong.  He was bombarded with messages from both, complaining one another.  His siblings were also calling him because they too couldn’t take it anymore.  Even abroad he was haunted by issues at home.  Ian was like a ticking bomb that would explode any time.  He just didn’t know what would happen if he explodes.


Jenny worked as a domestic helper and she only wished that she’d be given a kind, generous and humble employer.  She was unlucky, she worked under a very abusive employer.  She was treated like a slave.  She was under contract for 3 years and she couldn’t afford to end the contract prematurely for she didn’t want to pay for it. She worked a kind of job that was usually done by at least 3 people.  She endured everything for the sake of her family.  For her, that have been the longest, most excruciating three years of her life.  The only consolation was knowing that her family was living a comfortable life, that her children were good in school, or were they?


Kevin didn’t want to be away from his family and didn’t want to work abroad, but he needed to, due to financial reasons.  He accepted, albeit reluctantly, the offer from his friend to work in a shipping company.  He was decided to work there for five years maximum, he thought that should’ve been enough to save money to start a business.  Little did he know that the higher the salary, the higher the expenses.  He went home after five years, he didn’t know where did all his earning go.  He didn’t have a choice but to go back and work abroad again.  For how many years more?  Now, he couldn’t tell.


Lito left the country when his son was only 1 year old to work abroad for his family’s future.  After 2 years he will finally have his much awaited vacation, even for only a month.  When he was finally home, his son was already three years old.  Even if they were away for 2 years, his son can still recognize him because of constant skype-ing but his son was aloof.  He tried to talk and get him, but his son was crying hysterically and always calling his mother.  He told himself that, that would only be temporary, maybe just for a couple of days. But it has been a week now, still his son wouldn’t go with him.  Two weeks had passed and nothing has changed.  He was feeling frustrated now and he was thinking whether leaving his family to give them a better life was all worth it.  Should he stay and watch his son grow old with simpler life and lesser compensation?  Or should he choose to go abroad and make the sacrifice to give them a more comfortable life?  He couldn’t decide.

These stories are only some of the stories we witness and encounter everyday.  We couldn’t help but feel bad and pity every Lito or every Happy or every Jenny that we know.  But like we are all aware already, sometimes we couldn’t do anything to help them, it pains us to learn that we are unable to extend assistance as some situations are beyond our control.  We just have to remember that with every trial, there will always be a silver lining.

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