List of Philippine-Accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau

On my previous post, I suggested an option for applying jobs in Macau, which is online application, for some who do not wish to leave their current jobs but at the same trying their luck here in Macau.  Now my post will be for people who are already in Macau looking for jobs and still waiting for a call from any company and will try an alternative option other than direct hiring, it is going to recruitment agencies.  Today, I will list down the Philippine-accredited Recruitment Agencies in Macau, Filipinos can go to when looking for a job.

Let me just reiterate that Philippine Consulate in Macau dissuades Filipinos from applying jobs while on their tourist visas, however, the consulate is also aware that many still go through that process.  Our Philippine Consulate would like to make sure that OFWs in Macau will be protected from abuse and potential harm and discrimination, especially for domestic helpers looking for an employer.

Going to an agency is a sort of last resort for Filipinos because these agencies also ask a large sum of placement fee and also the salary is lower compare to the salary you will get when you are a direct-hired.  While you can still be deployed in big hotels, you are still working under the agency, that means that you will not be getting the benefits given by big hotels to their regular employees.  The reason behind big hotels recruiting people hired by the agencies has something to do with the “quota” (corresponding number of people one company can hire) that the government gives a company.  If the number of people provided by the government to a specific company doesn’t match with the demand for its labor or manpower, then they will be borrowing “quota” from a specific agency.  Thus, the company will pay the agency directly in exchange with its “quotas”, and the agency will pay its workers.  Even with less salaries and less benefits, there are still some who take advantage of the offer and use it as a stepping stone for future career.


Au Traders Agency

Contact Person:  Mr. Benjamin Au

Address:  Est. Adolfo Loureiro 18 “D” R/C, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2859 1254

Empressa Imoveis E Emprego Yi Fa. Lda.

Contact Person:  Ms. Kit Wong

Address:  Avenida de Kwong Tung Jardin Nam San BI.  1 R/C (N) Taipa, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2882 0134, (853) 2882 3045

Rose Employment Agency

Contact Person:  Ms. Rose Lameiras

Address:  Rua De Alves Rocadas No. 28 R/C Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2835 5755

Starriver Agency

Contact Person:  Ms. Sharon Chan

Address:  Rua Do Almirante Costa No. 59 C Edif. Fu Mei Lok R/C B, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2856 2726

Agencia De Emprego Son Hou

Contact Person:  Ms. Sienna Ng

Address:  Rua Nova Aguia No. 2-6 C Centro Commercial Master Cave G I, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2835 3628

Citra Employment Services Company Limited

Contact Person:  Ms. Carino Sou

Address:  Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral No. 88-C Edif. Fu Wo Kok R/C, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2855 5511

Regal Base Human Resources Company Limited

Contact Person:  Ms. Annie Cheang Lai Wa

Address:  Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral No. 88 R/C D. Fu Wo Kok, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2897 3613

Easylink Human Resources Recruitment Consultants

Contact Person:  Mr. Joseph Li

Address:  Rua Silva Mendes 39 A R/C Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2852 9276

Agencia De Emprego Tak Lek

Contact Person:  Mr. Lio Chan Fai

Address:  Rua de Frnacisco Xavier Pereira N. 76, R/C-BRC Edif. Mei On, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2856 3283

Hou Kong Employment Centre Limited

Contact Person:  Ms. Cheong Leng, Teresa

Address:  Unit E G/F Edif. VaVeng No. 39 Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2835 8382

Wai Seng Employment Agency

Contact Person:  Mr. Castilho Lameiras, Luciano

Address:  Rua de Antonio Basto, No. 14 K, Kou Si Tak Garden, F R/C e S/L, Macau

Telephone No.:  (853) 2852 2909


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  2. Trisha Cruz

    Hi there! this is so helpful to us.
    However, I would like to know if there’s any way to contact those accredited agencies aside from their telephone numbers you provided. Thank you And have a nice day..

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  3. sid

    hi good day, im here in macau i already went to these agencies and im here since april 18, until now i got no calls, therefore i tried droping resume on every hotels dropbox, still no luck.. any recomendations or advices please? Thanks

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          that is always the case…once you are hired, they will ask you to go to an agency in the Philippines to help you process all requirements, e.g medical.

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      you can go directly to the hospital like Hostipal S. Januario or Kwang Wu Hospital or Macau U to pass the resume. But working in the hospital requires basic grasps of Cantonese. Though I know some who actually can’t speak but were hired.

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    1. Post

      There are lots of pros applying online while in the Phils, but online application is the same whether you are in Macau or in the Philippines.

      1. Anonymous

        good day sir, i am here in phils, i am 41 yrs of age, do you think i am possible to hired, nature of work, customer servce and hospitality

  5. Taylor Elric (@LvKPT08)

    Sir/Maam, Good day!

    I’m Kimberly Turiano 20 years old. I am a Hard working Business and Office Administration graduate with proven organizational skills seeking to apply my abilities to the position of sales and customer service in Macau.

    I’ve been in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for a year and half. I don’t have that much experience in Hospitality jobs and Casino industry, and unfortunately I don’t know how to speak cantonese, however I am eager to learn and humbly open for trainings and any position they may have.

    I would like to ask if its possible to apply there even if im just 20? And what would be the best thing I can do to apply. I tried also to sent my Resume online. I have relatives and they’re currently working there, and im juts waiting for my Visa to go there. Im looking forward to your response and for new Jobs Opportunity in Macau.

    Thankyou and God bless.

    Kimberly Turiano

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