POEA Accredited Agencies for Singapore

With the exception of Japan, Singapore has the most competitive salary and most attractive compensations for its workers, whether locals or expatriates, that is why many people from different nationalities are lured to go and find their luck in the island city-state.  Filipinos are no exceptions, like Hong Kong, Singapore has employed quite a number of Filipino domestic helpers and today, it has opened a lot of opportunities not only household jobs but also some professional jobs on other job industries. Continue reading “POEA Accredited Agencies for Singapore”

Two-Day Macau Tour Itinerary

Macau used to only be a side-trip while visiting Hong Kong when the city is not yet known as the gambling hub or the Las Vegas of Asia.  The rise to its economy and enormous growth of casino resort hotels brought quite a number of tourists from around the world.  Now, the city is considered to be one of the most famous tourist spots in Asia.  Surely, it has gone a long way.  But, being the Las Vegas of Asia doesn’t mean that it only attracts gamblers because Macau is more than just casinos. Continue reading “Two-Day Macau Tour Itinerary”

Getting to Shenzhen from Macau

Shenzhen is a city located at the southern part of the vast province of Guangdong.  It is one of the largest financial districts in China and one of the most prosperous cities as well.  It is the first city in China to be regarded as Special Economic Zone.  Shenzhen is lying adjacent to Hong Kong and is only an hour away by ferry from Macau. Continue reading “Getting to Shenzhen from Macau”

Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau is arguably the most popular hotel in Macau receiving more or less 80 thousand people a day.  The hotel has been considered as one of the most visited attractions in Macau and has largely contributed to the ever-growing tourism business of the city.  Venetian Macau opened on August 28, 2007, and since then, it has attracted its share of tourists wanting and curious to visit Macau. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Venetian Macau”

POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been one of the most popular overseas countries of employment for Filipinos as over 100, 000 Filipinos are currently working there and mostly are working as domestic helpers.  Hong Kong has been continuously hiring OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) to work for their companies or houses for Filipinos are known for being dependable, hard working, reliable, and caring people.  Thus, recruitment agencies for Hong Kong are everywhere. Continue reading “POEA Accredited Recruitment Agencies for Hong Kong”

Cat Ba Island

We temporarily said goodbye to Royal Palace Cruise as we stepped on a small boat to fetch us to a much bigger boat to bring us to the bungalow in Cat Ba Island.  After the tour at Hang Sung Sot cave, we just freshened up a little and we were off to another adventure.  On that quite bigger boat, two groups from two different cruises came together, a total of 20 tourists, to stay on an island far from the city and who were all thrilled to uncover the beauty of the mysterious Cat Ba Island. Continue reading “Cat Ba Island”

How to Get to Guangzhou, China from Macau

Guangzhou is one of the most popular cities in China and is known for being an industrialized and a centre for trade and commerce in whole China.  Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province and is one of the largest cities in China.  It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world with a population of approximately 12 million people. Continue reading “How to Get to Guangzhou, China from Macau”

Jobs in Macau: Wynn Palace

Cotai Strip is proud to welcome an addition to its wide array of integrated hotel casinos, the Wynn Palace.  Wynn Palace, a luxurious resort hotel is set to open on August 22, 2016 and is expected to bring more prestige to the entertainment mecca of Asia and the so-called “Las Vegas of Asia,” Macau. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Wynn Palace”

Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong

Your time in Macau wouldn’t be complete without a side trip to Hong Kong or vice versa.  In fact, it has been widely popular that an itinerary would consist of visiting the other city.  Macau and Hong Kong were formerly governed by Portuguese and British colonies, respectively, until their sovereignty were transferred back to China.  The influences left by the colonizers have remained to be a part of their culture and has continued to be an integral part of their tourism. Continue reading “Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong”

Jobs in Macau: Online Application

Macau has seen its rise to prominence as a tourist destination and at the same time as second home to expatriates from different countries over the years.  With its diminutive size, it has been home to some of the largest and most extravagant hotel casinos in the world and it has shown no signs of stopping.  This year alone, two big resort hotels are set to open adding to the already rich and populated casino hotspot the city is known for.  Throughout the years, Macau has been catering to people looking for greener pasture and helping them making their lives better. Continue reading “Jobs in Macau: Online Application”